Thursday, March 30, 2017

War of Spanish Succession painting British

I have started my War of Spanish Succession project. Mike gave me a British Army pack and some additional line infantry from Baccus 6mm.

Baccus 6mm

First time painting 6mm, so it will be interesting. This is my first base. We will be playing with Sam Mustafa Maurice rule set. So I need 4 bases for one Infantry Unit.

This base is comprised of 6 strips. It takes about 2 hours to paint these and mount on base. I used 12 different Vallejo colours for this unit. (Flat red, dark blue, dark flesh, lemon, German cam brown, Red leather, white, sky grey, Mahogany brown, natural steel, beige brown, and flat brown)

This will be exciting to play since it is the first time playing a 8th century war game.

I have 16 Units of foot Infantry, 6 Cuirassiers Units, 4 Dragoon Units, 4 Artillery Units, and 3 Command Stands.

So I have 6 out of 421 stands completed. If I paint at my current speed that is 140 hours of painting. I don't think I should have calculated this. A little daunting.

Painted: 1
Total for 2017: 82
Working on:  6 mm war of Spanish Succession British Army pack
Projects in the cue: 4 point Ostrogoth Saga warband.

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