Monday, June 26, 2017

Painting Goth Army for next SAGA campaign

Mike pick up a Goth four point starter set from Footsore miniatures when he was at fall in. Very nice miniatures. He gave me the choice between Goth's and Late Romans. I decided to go for Goths since I did not have any mounted troops in my SAGA collection.

Goths from Footsore miniatures

It took me about one month to paint 26 miniatures mounted on horses. As usual I paint mostly with Vallejo paints and use shades from Citadel.

This is my entire force.

This force comes with two Hearth Guards and two Warrior Units.

Close up of the Hearth Guards.

Close up of the Warriors

Close up of the War Lord

Painted: 26
Total for 2017: 144
Working on:  Another 4 point Goth Saga war band.