Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Painting Fire and Sword Podjazd Koronny Starter Box

Mike gave me, a while back, a Polish Skirmish Box to paint. I started then got distracted by Team Yankee, then the Trojan Saga Campaign. I finally got around to finishing my little army.

The game is on Wednesday. I think I have a flag that might be upside down. Hard to say because the writing is in both directions.

Sunday, June 5, 2016

Trojan campaign first day game 2

For the second game I was matched with an equal renown warrior. Duncan had a slightly higher renown. I think he had 14. I had 12. We were both able to have two divine interventions.

The game starts with choosing the aggressor. Duncan won the roll. Next we see if the defender wants to "parle". We both had two hearth guards that were wounded from the last battle. No reason to "parle".

Next the aggressor rolls for the scenario. Duncan rolled for the Assault at Dawn. This is from the crescent and cross rule book. I had never played this. Basically we put counters on the field of battle vice our units. So we have no idea what we are attacking till we get 6 inches from the counter.

This was very different.

Duncan advanced in the woods and I advance just out of reach.

You can see two counters on the near left. One of my hearth guards and one warrior unit have been discovered. I was being really cautious as last game I almost lost my hero one turn 2.

The Second turn Duncan attacks with his large hearth guards. He uses his divine intervention to make an extra move with no fatigue, but I use my divine intervention to counter charge. My hearth guard does surprising well and kill many stands.

Duncan warrior allows him to make several moves without taking any fatigue. He decides to attack my hearth guards and makes them retreat. He becomes bold and attacks my warriors. Somehow my warriors had the hand of god guiding there strikes. They manage to strike down the hero.

The next turn I finish off another unit and Duncan's forces are on the retreat.this unit. The gods continued to smile at my warriors and I ended up killing all Duncan's units minus his levies. The game ended when I killed his last warriors. I finished with an additional 14 renown (3 minor victory, 4 for killing 4 units, 2 for winning against a higher renown, 1 for taking out opposing warlord, and 4 for loot.) for a total of 26. I am now in the category Opening Epic book.

We then rolled for casualties. I had two hearth guards that are too badly wounded to play next game.

Saga Trojan Campaign first day

We had a day at the club today. Nick organised the Trojan campaign based on Saga rules plus a lot of added rules.

This is the link to the campaign rules

The first game I played against George. He was the aggresor and he roled for the clash of the warlords. In is the Saga rule book page 62. Basically we have to kill the warlords.

Since this is the first game our heros have no abilities. (They are basic warlords) The intent with this campaign is for the heros to gain renown.

We forgot to role for a good god rule.

So the game started with the forces deployed as shown here

George's forces are on the left and mine are on the right. You can see in the foreground the two levy units. George has some  hearth guard in the middle. Paris and 4 hearth guard are in chariots in the middle right. I have a huge hearth guard unit on the far side off the map and George has his hero and mounted hearth guard off the map on the left.

The first turn for both sides saw each side just move forward.

The second saw Paris attack with his mounted hearth guard side by side. On the next turn George attacked Paris but was not able to kill him. Two warriors step in front and took the spear hits.

This was a close call and George only had 4 hits out of a possibility of 16 roles. He needed a 5 to hit, so maybe this was average.

The third turn was the turning point of the battle. My huge hearth guard Unit started killing units one after the other. My huge warrior unit did the same. George was not very lucky on his rolls and my god was on my side.

In the end George was left with one warrior unit, his levy unit, and his hero. He retreated to the corner and was very hard to hit. I gained 11 renown for a total of 12 and George I think stayed at the same renown. gaining 12 renown I am in the "I new him when he was little category. Basically gives me two divine interventions next game. I chose Eyes of the God which gives me an interrupt, and Strength of the gods which removes a fatigue. Since my hero needs to have zero fatigue for his abilities to work, this looked like a good choice.

Trojan Campaign

I completed my Trojan Force

I chose Paris as my hero.  Here is the force

The Hero Paris

Paris with four HearthGuard Units

Warrior Units followed by a Unit of Levy (Slingers)

In the trojan campaign the Hero does not cost anything, so the first game I will be able to bring 3 Hearth Guard units, two warrior units, and one levy Unit.