Monday, May 21, 2018

Helms Deep Battle at Cangames in Ottawa (Battle Report)

After building the terrain for Helms Deep Mike decided that it would be a good idea to play this during CanGames. This is a three day event held in Ottawa every May long weekend.


The game we setup was the movie version. Mike painted 99% of the models. I provided the terrain.

The Battle of the Hornburg, also known as Battle of Helm's Deep, was the first grand-scale battle of the War of the Ring where the Rohirrim under King Théoden defended the Hornburg from Saruman's army of Uruk-hai.


Mike decided to have three players on both sides. The following pictures are the initial setup.

The first turn saw the Uruk-hai advance on the Keep and the wall

Bow shots were exchanged but not very effective. The enemy battering ram had the option of flinging a ladder on the wall with an Uruk-hai attached to it.

The next turn saw the enemy make it to the gate at the Keep and setup some ladders on the wall.

The following 9 turns the battering ram was hitting the gate and some Uruk-hai entered the keep using the ladders. The Uruk-hai managed to explode the wall using a bomb.

The battle went on several turns with the Uruk-hai trying to break the gate and breach the wall. The tide started turning when the Trolls made it in the breach.

Gandalf comes to the rescue. When the enemy sees this they converge towards Gandalf and the Rohirrim.

The trolls can take a lot of damaged. When the horses win the fight they knock down the opponent. Pretty hard to win a fight against a troll, but Gandalf and the Rohirrim manage it a couple of times. Unfortunately they were not able to kill them.

In the end the Trolls and Uruk-hai manage to kill most of the Rohirrim reinforcements and the Gate at the Keep is finally breached.

So this was a 4 to 3 win for Saruman's Army. They took the Keep, breached the wall and killed some Heros.

Overall I thought that the Lord of the Rings game mechanics workout pretty well.


Saturday, May 5, 2018

Painting Lord of Rings (Dwarf Rangers)

I needed to add Dwarf soldiers, so I decided to paint some Dwarf Rangers. These are from games workshop.


The models are not the best. There are four longbows, four axe throwers, and four double handed weapons in the bag.

I need to buy some elves. I think that will be next thing I do in Lords of the Rings.

Painted: 12
Total for 2018: 170
Working on: Inca (DBMM)
Backlog: None for now

Painting Bolt Action (German Grenadiers)

Mike gave me a box of German Grenadiers to give me a little more options for Bolt Action. These models were very hard to put together. Two arms, head, legs, weapon, ammo belt, etc. I used my Vallejo paints and painted the same as when I paint for Flames of War.

They actually turned out pretty well

Painted: 23
Total for 2018: 158
Working on: Dwarf Rangers (Lord of the Rings)
Backlog: Inca (DBMM)

Saturday, April 21, 2018

Painting Lord of Rings (Dwarf warriors and heroes)

I have been painting some lord of the ring stuff for a little while now. I decided to buy some dwarf warriors, commanders, and a number of  heroes.

The colour was inspired by the games workshop pictures.


These are plastics from the games workshop. Not very good models, so I did the best I could.

Here are some of the Heroes. These miniatures were either in metal or some type of white resin. Much more detail




Dain and Balin





and finally four Dwarf Commanders

I think I got a little carried away with the amount of Captains and Heroes. Need a little bit more warriors.

Painted: 22
Total for 2018: 135
Working on: Germans (Bolt Action)
Backlog: Dwarf Rangers (Lord of the Rings), and Inca (DBMM)

Painting Lord of the Rings (Elf command)

I needed to buy some Wood Elf commands to go with my Wood elf warriors. The flag is hand painted. Inspired by games workshop.


A really need to get a better camera.

Painted: 2
Total for 2018: 113
Working on: Dwarves (Lord of the Rings)
Backlog: Germans (Bolt Action), and Inca (DBMM)

Thursday, April 12, 2018

Painting Bolt Action (Germans WWII late war)

I bought a couple of panzerfaust and panzerschreck, and some light machine guns from Tod. Bolt action is a 28mm WWII platoon level game. Decided to paint some for a bolt action event at the club. So happens that I did not need to bring my miniatures. Jeff and Duncan were supplying everything. Well they are painted now.

He are the light machine guns

Here are the panzerfaust

The following is the panzerschreck

Always fun to paint 28mm. These were all metal miniatures, so good details.

Painted: 11
Total for 2018: 111
Working on: Dwarves (Lord of the Rings)
Backlog: Germans (Bolt Action), and Inca (DBMM)