Thursday, September 14, 2017

Painting 40k Primaris Space Marine Chapter Ancient

I forgot to post my Space marine Chapter Ancient.

It was interesting to paint as I had to put a number of decals. The black ultramarine had to be hand written. I think it turned out nice.

Painted: 1
Total for 2017: 220
Working on:  FOW Humber Armoured Car troop

Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Painting 40k Primaris Space Marines

Mike and I decided to buy the Dark Imperium 40K boxed set. I took the Primaris space marines and Mike took the Death Guard. Hopefully I will get to play some more games soon.

Primaris Captain

Two Primaris Lieutenants




Painted: 21
Total for 2017: 219
Working on:  FOW Humber Armoured Car troop

Saturday, August 19, 2017

Painting Warhammer 40K Space Marines

Warhammer 40K has just released a new rule set. It is much simple than previous editions I am told, so I taught that I would give it a try.

A while back my nephew gave me some 6th edition space marines. I decided to try painting them as Ultra Marines.

I have only played one game and Mike destroyed me and Stan.

Here is two Tactical Squads.

A Scout Squad

An Assault Squad (I think)

A Teckmarine

A Captain

A Land Speeder

A Predator

Painted: 30
Total for 2017: 198
Working on:  Warhammer 40K Dark Imperium Box Set

Painting Goth Army for next SAGA campaign part 2

I have been busy painting but a little lazy with posting. I decided to buy another Goth starter set for the campaign. This time it was the Visigoths. It is a lot cheaper to buy the starter set than buying separate forces. This starter set came with two mounted Hearthguard units and two warrior units on foot.

These are the two warrior units

The two Hearth Guard units

As you can see I used the Little Big Men Studios Shield Transfers. Works really well.

I have the two sets in one magnetize box.

This should be all for my goths. Time to move on to other projects. I played two games so far with Mike. This first was a one sided slaughter. My Goths moved rapidly closed the distance and killed all resistance. The second battle was a lot closer. Mike lost all his force with the General being the only one standing. I had my General and one Hearth guard model. So I won by one point.

Painted: 24
Total for 2017: 168
Working on:  Warhammer 40K Space marines

Monday, June 26, 2017

Painting Goth Army for next SAGA campaign

Mike pick up a Goth four point starter set from Footsore miniatures when he was at fall in. Very nice miniatures. He gave me the choice between Goth's and Late Romans. I decided to go for Goths since I did not have any mounted troops in my SAGA collection.

Goths from Footsore miniatures

It took me about one month to paint 26 miniatures mounted on horses. As usual I paint mostly with Vallejo paints and use shades from Citadel.

This is my entire force.

This force comes with two Hearth Guards and two Warrior Units.

Close up of the Hearth Guards.

Close up of the Warriors

Close up of the War Lord

Painted: 26
Total for 2017: 144
Working on:  Another 4 point Goth Saga war band.

Sunday, May 7, 2017

War of Spanish Succession painting British Update 2

I am ready to play a game of Maurice. I have finished the remainder of my little British Army. It took me about 5 weeks to complete.

The following picture is my Cavalry (3 Units)

The next picture is my Infantry (5 Units)

A Picture of my Command markers (3)

The last is a picture of my entire Army.

Remember these are 6 mm figures, so not much detail.

Painted: 23
Total for 2017: 118
Working on:  4 point Ostrogoth Saga war band.

Sunday, April 23, 2017

War of Spanish Succession painting British Update

I have finish painting 12 Infantry and 2 Artillery bases.

This is the entire force so far.

A closeup of the artillery Unit

Closeup of the first Infantry Unit.

Closeup of second Infantry Unit

Closeup of third Infantry Unit.

So I have 10 Cavalry bases and 8 more Infantry bases to complete.

Painted: 13
Total for 2017: 95
Working on:  6 mm war of Spanish Succession British Army pack
Projects in the cue: 4 point Ostrogoth Saga warband.