Thursday, March 30, 2017

War of Spanish Succession painting British

I have started my War of Spanish Succession project. Mike gave me a British Army pack and some additional line infantry from Baccus 6mm.

Baccus 6mm

First time painting 6mm, so it will be interesting. This is my first base. We will be playing with Sam Mustafa Maurice rule set. So I need 4 bases for one Infantry Unit.

This base is comprised of 6 strips. It takes about 2 hours to paint these and mount on base. I used 12 different Vallejo colours for this unit. (Flat red, dark blue, dark flesh, lemon, German cam brown, Red leather, white, sky grey, Mahogany brown, natural steel, beige brown, and flat brown)

This will be exciting to play since it is the first time playing a 8th century war game.

I have 16 Units of foot Infantry, 6 Cuirassiers Units, 4 Dragoon Units, 4 Artillery Units, and 3 Command Stands.

So I have 6 out of 421 stands completed. If I paint at my current speed that is 140 hours of painting. I don't think I should have calculated this. A little daunting.

Painted: 1
Total for 2017: 82
Working on:  6 mm war of Spanish Succession British Army pack
Projects in the cue: 4 point Ostrogoth Saga warband.

Flames of war miscellaneous Stuff

So I have finally finished painting the Flames of war miniatures that I bought from Bernhard last summer. The following are some British models.

The following pictures are the Russian models.

and finally some Russian Snipers with pin markers

Painted: 18
Total for 2017: 81
Projects in the cue : 6 mm war of Spanish Succession British starter set and a 4 point Ostrogoth Saga warband.

Friday, March 24, 2017

Painting Bolt Action

When you buy the second edition German book you get a free medic.

Painted: 2
Total for 2017: 63

Flames of war miscellaneous German Stuff part 3

The last items I bought from Bernhard was a German Mortar Platoon (late war)

I also painted some German bailout soldiers. This is a thing they had in the early sets.

So basically instead of using a bail out marker you would use one of these soldiers.

Painted: 9
Total for 2017: 61

Monday, March 6, 2017

Battle Report - SAGA Campaign Third Day

Game 1: vs Scots (Norse Gael) The raid

I have not done many battle reports and only took 2 photos for each game. The first game was against Kent

The aim of this battle is to burn down the three fields and three buildings. Since I was the attacker all I had to do was rest when touching either a building or field and if I rolled a 3+ then the building or field were on fire. As can be seen from the above, I already had a unit touching the building bottom left and the field and building also on the bottom. Out of 4 rolls I managed to roll one 3+, so things were already not going my way. The picture is taken after I my first turn. So my Warlord has moved up on the right towards the next field.

The next couple of turns Kent's forces moved on my warriors, (Bottom right) My forces moved counter clockwise around the table putting everything on fire. In the end I found out the Kent's strategy was not to lose any forces. Which turned out to be what happened. I only managed to wife out one unit. The fate roll was not kind to me as my men ended up revolting, so did not gain too much. It was my first win, so that was good.

Game 2: vs Wessex (Viking) The escort

My second game was an escort mission. I was the attacker again. So this is the initial setup. Steve's forces are coming from the top red arrows is his plan. The defender must remove at least one baggage from the board. the three horses, one per group are the baggage train.

Steve has three hearth guard units of four each and left right and centre. He also has a depleted warrior unit top left.

On Steve's first turn he manages to move all of his force forward. On my turn I decide to concentrate my attacks and go for the right group. (Blue arrows) It was the weakest. I manage to use an ability that re-rolls my misses, so it went really well and I destroyed the hearth guard. The baggage train gets a fatigue as they were demoralized by the destruction of the hearth guard.

The is the second and third turn on one picture. Turn two Steve continues to move his remaining units and baggage train forward. On turn two I move my warriors up and destroy the enemy warriors again using re-rolls. On turn three Steve decides to move on my centre hearth guard unit. His berserkers try to kill my hearth guard unit but out of 16 die rolls he manages 1 hit. He needed a 6 as I used his fatigue to up the armour of my unit. He then moves his centre baggage train forward. This gives me an opening to attack both baggage trains and I manage to destroy them. So this was another win, with the loss of only three hearth Guards and one warrior. My fate was a lot better as I managed to recruit 4 Warriors.

So this was a lot of fun and much better than Day 1. I think now I have 13 power and 3 campaign points. I am actually not even close to the top, but still having fun.

Flames of war miscellaneous German Stuff part 2

So I have painted more of the stuff I bought from Bernhard.

There were only 9 Dianas built during the war, so I actually have 44% of the total amount built. The "Diana" was a conversion of the Sd Kfz 6 5-ton half-track tractor mounting the captured Russian 7.62cm gun (FK 36(r)). All nine were assigned to 90th Light Division on March 8, 1942. The British nicknamed these self-propelled guns "Diana". They proved quite effective during the heavy fighting against the new British Grants, and during the assault on Bir Hacheim. By June 22, 1942 when Panzerarmee Afrika captured Tobruk, only two were listed as still operational.

Really too bad I did not paint these prior to our Desert Campaign.

The B IVs first major combat roll was during Operation Zitadelle. It was used mainly as a mine-clearing device as part of the 312., 313. and 314. Funklenkkompanien (tank radio-controlled companies). During the opening phases of the battle B IVs were used to clear mines in groups. A B IV would be driven up to the minefield, the driver climb out, and the vehicle would continue into the minefield by remote control.

Records indicate that a total of 140 units were built. The new designation by Germany was Sd Kfz 254. The vehicle featured a wheel-cum-track layout and a diesel motor. The wheels were lowered when it was used on roads and retracted for track movement cross-country. The Saurer can be found as an observation vehicle option for your artillery batteries.

Painted: 7
Total for 2017: 52

Saturday, March 4, 2017

Flames of war miscellaneous German Stuff

Bernhard sold me a bunch of miscellaneous stuff about a year ago, so I decided to start painting them.

I started with the German stuff.

I painted two Grille H (15cm sIG)

Panther D (Kursk)

StuIG 33B. This has a 15 cm gun.

Panzer III M.

The interesting thing with these models is they were the original flames of war, so they come with bail out models. I will be painting these once I am finish with all the vehicles.

Painted: 5
Total for 2017: 45

Painting two German Vehicles for Bolt Action

I got two German vehicles for Christmas for Bolt action. 

Sd.Kfz 250/9 Neu 2cm Recce half track

and a Sd.Kfz 234/3 7.5cm armoured car. 

Painted: 2
Total for 2017: 40